ShelterBox – Andres Goyanes

ShelterBox presentation on July 30, 2019 to Titusville Sunrise Rotary, Inc.

Andres Goyanes, designated ShelterBox Ambassador for Central Florida, visited Titusville Sunrise Rotary on July 30, 2019. Andres visits Rotary Clubs throughout Central Florida and the Space Coast communicating the mission of ShelterBox, a disaster relief organization, and a Rotary Global Partner.
During his visit to our Club, Andres brought items used to support global disaster relief missions. His explanation of why lights are part of the disaster kits provided insight of how crimes and assaults during darkness were greatly reduced when light was present. Andres spent four days in a remote location near Austin, Texas assembling and living in a tent using the items provided.
His real-world explanation of unfolding events and why ShelterBox tailors the ShelterKits for worldwide use was very enlightening. Additionally, Andres shared that flooding is the number one reason for ShelterBox to respond around the world. Most natural disasters and severe weather events happen in the tropics, which is why ShelterBox stockpiles the tents and other supplies to ensure quick response in the aftermath of such an event. And, it should be noted that humanitarian crises are the second reason, particularly wars and ethnic cleansing, in less developed countries.
Andres is an active Rotarian since 2009. Andres was the Founding President of the Rotary Club of International Drive in Orlando. He currently serves as an Assistant Governor for District 6980 and Governor’s Aide to DG Cindi Cioci.