Deacon John Clark Bio

Rev. John E. Clark, President, No One Hungry, Inc.

Deacon John Clark is a Chef who began his diaconal ministry responding to the call to help citizens in his community of Titusville access to nutritious food.  Over the years, this developed into No One Hungry, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3 Florida Corporation which operates two community pantry locations serving individuals, families, seniors, and the homeless populations of North Brevard county.  In 2018 these two pantries distributed over 90,000 pounds of food to the needy in our community. 

Other initiatives to reduce hunger include:

  • Two student pantries, one in Astronaut High School and the other in Madison Middle School, ran by students offering food, clothing, hygiene items and fresh produce for students in need.
  • Working in Belize in Central America helping the Anglican Diocese of Belize with rice and others supplies for their soup kitchen and five school feeding programs.
  • Bringing over 250,000 pounds of FEMA food to help families in Central Florida who had fled Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.
  • Monthly shipments of food and medical supplies to Venezuelan families who are suffering because of the political crisis leaving the country of Venezuela in a state of near collapse.
  • An initiative called “Giving Hope” now offers food to patients being discharged from Parish Medical Center who do not have sufficient food to assist in their home recovery.

There are several one-time missions:

  • Partnering with the Episcopal Relief and Development Foundation to bring fresh drinking water to South Georgia after Hurricane Michael.
  • Partnering with Air Mobile Ministries to bring powered milk, baby formula and ready-to-eat meals to people in Haiti.
  • And in July of this year, Rev. Clark was chairperson of an International Conference of Christian Healing with attendees representing ten countries.

Most recently, Rev. Clark received the prestigious St. Stephen’s Award from the Association for Episcopal Deacons in recognition of the Diaconal Ministry of St. Stephen demonstrating a deep commitment to the special ministry of servanthood following the practice of St. Stephen, the first deacon appointed by the Apostles, by making Christ’s redemptive love known through his word and example, to those among whom he lives, works and throughout the world.